An Attempt to Lose Time


An Attempt to Lose Time is an exploration of time and our perception of it. The modern Westernised world is obsessed with time - or rather timekeeping - measuring and dividing it increasingly accurately. Life in cities is ‘fast-paced’ and ‘time-poor’. Waiting is taboo. Corporations value efficiency and productivity, and governments espouse their economic benefits. Time is a commodity.


After five years living in the city I thought about time all the time. What time it is, how long I’ve got, how long I’ve been doing something, how long I should have been doing it, what time I need to wake up, how long it will take to get there, how long I’ll have to sleep, and is that long enough? It became exhausting and restrictive.


This project asks the question: could I live without time? Would it be possible to change my relationship with time or learn to perceive it differently? Through a series of ‘lived experiments’ I will attempt to find out - to escape from time. 


It also explores time from varied perspectives: how different cultures perceive time; the colonial imposition of ‘the’ time - standardised global time; ‘time is money’ - time as a tool of capitalism; environmental time - the exhaustion of earth’s resources and the collective feeling that time is running out; and the nature of time through the lens of radical quantum physics.


The result will be an interconnected network of ideas, a rumination on time blending the personal and the collective, a questioning of dominant principles and an invitation to see time differently. 

An Attempt to Lose Time was initially developed as part of a Starting Blocks residency at Camden People's Theatre in January 2020, supported by Arts Council England.

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