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I am an artist, facilitator and canal dweller based in the North West. I make solo performance that has so far explored the nature of time and our relationship with it, environmental anxiety, self-identity, gender, and mental health. My artistic practice is preoccupied with the way our perceptions of the world and the pressure to conform to social conventions shape our experience, and my performance playfully interrogates this using autobiography, documentary, movement, audience interaction, self-satire and irony.


I embrace the awkwardness of intimate live performance, creating uncomfortable moments then subverting them with the comical or absurd. I encourage the audience to be active participants rather than passive observers, and explore the power relationship between audience and performer by juxtaposing exhibitions of control with moments of vulnerability. My work looks at big themes on a minute scale, unpacking the building blocks of everyday life and questioning concepts and social norms that are often taken for granted.

I am co-founder and director of Mainspring Arts, an organisation that supports neurodivergent artists and celebrates neurodivergent creativity.

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