This Is Just Who I Am


This is a show about identity, authenticity and the murky area between the two. It’s about being yourself, and not having a fucking clue what that even means. Using nothing but a microphone, a poorly put together soundtrack and a ludicrous outfit, it exposes our attempts to bridge the gulf between the people we want to be and the people we think we are.

This Is Just Who I Am is a sharply observed exploration of ‘selfie culture’, the ideal selves we strive to project and the negative feelings caused by our failure to live up to them. It looks at identity as a ‘performance’ - and the less appealing truth it sometimes masks.

Combining surreal comedy, dance, song and a few choice moments of audience interaction, Miranda creates a new identity live on stage. Laced with ironic observations, the show attempts - and ultimately fails - to hide her vulnerabilities. Part fictional autobiography, part ludicrous deceit, This Is Just Who I Am is an unashamedly nonsensical, excruciatingly honest and hilariously satirical portrait of the people we try to be when we don’t feel like ourselves.

The show's development has been funded by Arts Council England and supported by Camden People’s Theatre, Greenwich & Lewisham Young People's Theatre and Nuffield Southampton Theatres.

What people said about it

“Utterly hilarious…charming, funny and darkly comic…highly recommended. A very memorable piece which will stick in the mind long after other shows have been confined to brain-dust.” FringeReview

“Brilliant…Prag is an ace Physical comic” The Scotsman

“A playful, devious, deadly serious solo show…Whether it’s social satire, existential angst or a portrait of an identity in freefall, it’s undeniably an intriguing and totally engrossing performance.”   Brian Logan, Artistic Director, CPT

“Miranda challenges and entertains the audience in equal measure, taking them to a place of laughter before expertly pulling the rug out from under them. A really superb, thought-provoking piece of theatre.”  Chris Williams, Producer, GLYPT

“Beautifully performed, hilarious and unique” Audience member, Stockholm Fringe

“You really made us laugh - neatly sidestepping cliche and the obvious and propelling yourself gently into the absurd” Audience member, Edinburgh Fringe

“Really great. I was weeping with laughter” Audience member, Edinburgh Fringe

“Really engaging and thought provoking” Audience member, CPT

Tour dates 2018

Camden People’s Theatre, London 24-26 May, 9pm

Assembly Rooms @ Edinburgh Fringe 2-25 August, 8.55pm

Vaahterasali @ Lahti Fringe Festival, Finland 30 August, 7pm

Ö2 @ Stockholm Fringe Festival, Sweden 13 September, 5pm and 15 September, 2pm

Junction, Goole 9 November, 8pm - CANCELLED